Gorse​field’s Local Advisory Board 2018-2019 The local governing bodies vary in number of members and composition. Gorsefield’s Local Governing Body is to ensure that it sets the vision and direction for the future and holds the academy to account for its standards and conduct.The LAB works in close partnership with the headteacher, staff and the local authority.The standard term of office for a governor is four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the academic year.

LAB Member Relationship Date of Appointment
Ruth Onyekaba Principal 1/10/16
Phil Breakell Chair of Governors 2/12/16
Chetna Smith Non- teaching staff and Pupil Premium Governor 2/12/16
Maria Lasania Staff/ H & S Governor 25/11/16
Rachel Burke Parent, Vice Chair and Safeguarding Governor 25/11/16
Barbara Fielding Community/ SENCO Governor 2/12/16

The chair of governors is Mr Philip Breakell, who can be contacted via the school office  at: Gorsefield Primary School, Robertson Street, Radcliffe, M26 4DW; or directly via email at : gorsefield@bury.gov.uk 

Local Advisory Board Pen Portraits Phil Breakell (Chair) My name  is Philip Breakell Chairman of the Governing Body at Gorsefield I recently retired from  my position of Credit Manager at a firm in Bury.I have been a School Governor for 28 years at St Paul’s .I have served on the personnel committee and had responsibility for appointing Heads And Deputy Heads. I have a vast knowledge of school life which has already been valuable to Gorsefield.  Despite the recent GOOD Ofsted Report  we now need to target the next level. This can only be done by us all working together to make sure we have an EXCELLENT School . P .Breakell

Barbara Fielding (Community Governor) Hi, I’m Barbara Fielding a community governor on Gorsefields Local Advisory Board. I wanted to be a governor because I have ties to the school going back over 30 years. First my daughter attended, then my grandchildren and I feel I can help Mrs Onyekaba and her staff make it an amazing school. For several years I have run a parent coffee morning and raised money for McMillan Cancer Research. I have also supported the school by helping out at school fairs and open days. I am also a member of the PSA. In the time Mrs Onyekaba has been at Forward Gorsefield Multi Academy Trust the improvement in the children’s learning has been astounding. The staff she has working with her are some of the best. I feel I can work with and challenge Mrs Onyekaba on the next stage of Gorsefield’s journey. Onwards and upwards, we will be an even more amazing school very soon !!!

Joanne Bebb (Parent Governor) Hi everyone, I am Jo Bebb and I am one of the parent governors here at Gorsefield. I have a son in Year 2 called Richie who loves school… for learning as well as to see his friends! I work in Finance which will be an advantageous skill to have as part of the team and I am ready to become involved in aspects of school life. This has already commenced with various training workshops and now by joining volunteers in assisting Year 4 with their reading. Please say hi if you see me around the playground, I am looking forward to a new adventure and getting to know you and your children.

Rachel Burke (Parent Governor and Vice Chair) Hello, I’m Rachel Burke and I am a parent governor on Gorsefield’s Local Advisory Board (LAB).  I put myself forward for the LAB because based on my previous job experience with Bolton Council I felt that I had some knowledge of what the role would involve, but mostly I wanted to be involved in ensuring that our children have the right building blocks for a bright future.  I have seen the changes that have taken place within the school since becoming an Academy and I am proud of the progress that our children have made.   In the 12 months since becoming a governor I have made a positive contribution to the LAB meetings and I am taking the necessary steps through training to ensure that I have the skills to support and challenge Mrs Onyekaba and the Senior Leadership Team to make our school the number one choice in the Borough.  It’s not going to be easy, but I firmly believe that with the staff we have in school we will have no problems in maintaining the successes that our children achieved in 2017.

Chetna Smith (Staff Governor) Hello my name is Miss Smith and I am a staff governor at Forward Gorsefield Multi-Acadamy Trust. I am currently supporting in year 3 on a one to one basis. However, I also give support in class and around school when required.  I find my role very rewarding and it is  a pleasure to work with the children. The most rewarding part is seeing them progress. Since starting my role in 2015 I have seen massive changes within the school from the structure, to the way our children are being taught. These changes have made positive impacts all round. I have supported the school by helping out at open days, fayres, attending training and generally ensuring the smooth running of the school on a daily basis. I aim to support Gorsefield to the best of my ability in order for it to move forward and reach outstanding.