Gorsefield Primary School is a member of the Forward as One Academy Trust.  The Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee (the liability of the members is set at £10 in the model Articles of Association). The Trust has two layers of governance:

  • The members, who operate at a strategic level with ultimate control over the direction of the Academy Trust
  • The governors (often referred to as the directors or trustees) with responsibility for day-to-day management and operation of the Academy Trust.

The Members

The functions of the members of the Academy Trust include:

  • Overseeing the achievement of the objectives of the company.
  • Taking part in Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Appointing some of the governors.
  • Signing off the company’s financial accounts and annual report.
  • Power to amend the Articles of the company and, ultimately, to remove the governors/directors.

Overall, members usually have much more limited practical involvement in the management of the company than the governors.

The Governors

The governing body manages the Academy on behalf of the Academy Trust and the key responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the quality of educational provision.
  • Challenge and monitor the performance of the school.
  • Manage the Academy Trust’s finances and property.
  • Manage the staff.
  • Exercise reasonable skill and care in carrying out their duties.
  • Ensure that the Academy Trust complies with charity and company law.
  • Operate the Academy in accordance with the Funding Agreement that has been signed with the Secretary of State.
The governing body has delegated the majority of the roles and responsibilities to the following committees which meet on a termly basis and report back to the full governing body:
  • Finance and Premises/Audit Committee (Chair:  Mr Peter Bond)
  • Teaching and Learning Committee (Chair: Mrs Rabia Musa
  • Personnel Committee (Chair: Mrs Mary Frodsham)


Please click here and here to read our Trust Terms of Reference


Details of the Members and Governors who served 12 months as part of Forward as One Academy Trust from 1st September 2015 are as follows:​