If a child is absent they cannot learn.

Please contact the school office on the first day of absence.

Mrs Lindley and Mrs Kay monitor absences. If there are problems or concerns, please come and see us and we will try to help!

Our school target is 96% We celebrate good attendance AND punctuality in our Friday assembly when each class’s record is read out. The winners receive a trophy!

We also celebrate 100% attendance at the end of each year

Emergency Contact Information

Please ensure that your contact details are correct, in particular changing mobile numbers and that the school is aware of any health matters, especially allergies.

First Aid

Simple first aid is given at school when necessary. If an accident needs hospital attention we will contact you immediately. If your child receives a bump to the head, we will ring/ text you as well as filling out an accident slip. Please ensure that contact information is always up to date with the office.


If your child needs medication during the day, we ask that a parental consent form is completed. Mrs C Smith is the nominated member of staff who will be responsible for the correct administration of medication to children.


Although they are very tiny, they can certainly be frustrating to deal with. There is a very useful video available on the treatment of headlice on the NHS Direct website.

Please click on link here.​

Immunising Primary School Children Against Flu

Complaints Procedure

Complaints regarding the school curriculum and other related matters should be made in the first instance to the class teacher.

If the issue can not be resolved in the first instance by the class teacher, then parents should contact the phase leader. In the  third instance, parents can contact the Deputy Principals (Mrs Lindley), then finally the Principal (Mrs Onyekaba).

If a complaint cannot be settled by discussion between the Principal and the parent, the parent should put the complaint in writing to the Principal (Mrs Onyekaba), who will then refer the complaint formally to the Board of Governors.

Mrs Martin is the phase leader for Early Years (Nursery and Reception).

Mrs Lindley is the phase leader for Years 1 and 2.

Mrs Stanford is the phase leader for Years 3 and 4.

Mr Ellett is the phase leader for Years 5 and 6.