The mission of our school is to:

​Inspire  Challenge  Excel

We INSPIRE and CHALLENGE all children and adults to EXCEL in everything they do.

Gorsefield Primary School strives towards providing an environment in which we are all able to develop to our own maximum potential academically, socially, physically and emotionally.  We provide this ethos by:

  • Fostering and maintaining an ethos which is supportive of all members of the school community irrespective of ability, gender, ethnic or social background and which ensures that all feel valued, cared for and secure.
  • Promoting collaboration with parents and the wider community to enable us to provide the best possible social, academic and cultural development for our learners.
  • Developing a sense of discipline and outstanding behaviour, leading to high standards of interaction with and between adults and children.
  • Having equal access for all learners including those with a physical need.
  • Developing independence, resilience and resourcefulness leading to a positive attitude to learning and pride in achievement.
  • Encouraging and enabling learners to acquire and hone academic and individual skills to the maximum of their ability.
  • Developing respect and tolerance for all religious, moral and cultural values including having regard to the wider community.
  • Encouraging creativity and aesthetic values.