We are very proud to be a Stonewall Champions School! Our children and staff have all discussed, thought about and understand the importance of equality and diversity in our school either through direct training, assemblies, curriculum enrichment and diversity days, or visits from outside agencies such as the NSPCC, Her Majesty’s Prison Service and Healthy Relationships.

We include ways to celebrate and value all kinds of families in our school values, curriculum, day to day practice and publications.

Our staff are trained to handle and address any incidents of homophobic language or bullying according to recommended guidelines and best practice from Stonewall as part of our Anti Bullying Policies and procedures.

Our Young Leaders team has been heavily involved in looking at and reviewing our Anti Bullying Policy to ensure that ALL our children feel safe and secure within our learning community and Gorsefield School family and pupil voice is strongly reflected in these policies.

Our curriculum in PSHE addresses issues and themes to promote diversity and equality and prepare our children for life in 21st Century Britain. All children have high quality lessons and opportunities to explore their ideas to develop their personal skills and knowledge.

For more information about Stonewall, see http://www.stonewall.org.uk/

Here are some promotional posters  and materials we use in school to promote ACCEPTANCE WITHOUT EXCEPTION