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Gorsefield Primary School

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Phonics & Spelling

At Gorsefield Primary School, phonics and spelling is taught using the Read Write Inc Phonics programme and Read Write Inc Spelling Programme.

Read Write Inc Phonics

Read Write Inc Phonics is a synthetic phonics programme for children from Reception  to Year 4.

At the core of the RWI approach, phonics teaching puts reading at the heart of Gorsefield Primary School and ensures all staff delivering the programme are fully trained experts. Staff delivering RWI have the knowledge and determination to each every child, regardless of age, background or need, to read fluently. 

RWI empowers children to read as children meet a range of engaging texts to both hear and read aloud. 

With Read Write Inc,  children reach the expected standard of the phonics screening check, develop reading fluent and read with comprehension, develop cooperative behaviour and articulate their ideas and understanding and spell and write with confidence. 

RWI at Gorsefield Primary School Reading Leaflet

For more information on the RWI Phonics Scheme, click here or watch RWI Parent Video.

Parent Video: Understanding Phonics

Read Write Inc Set One Sounds          Read Write Inc Set One Sound Phrases

Read Write Inc Set Two Sounds         Read Write Inc Set Two Sound Phrases

Read Write Inc Set Three Sounds           Read Write Inc Set Three Sound Phrases

Parent and Child Video: How to say the RWI sounds

RWI Order of the Sounds

Read Write Inc Spelling