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Gorsefield Primary School

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Forward As One CE Academy Trust

Vision & Values

Gorsefield Primary School is a large urban community primary school, serving the town of Radcliffe and beyond. Gorsefield Primary School's mission is to INSPIRE and CHALLENGE all children and adults to EXCEL in everything they do. 

At Gorsefield Primary School, we foster an ethos which is supportive and uplifting of all members of its community, irrespective of ability, gender, ethnic or social background and which ensures that all feel valued, cared for and secure to inspire and challenge all children and adults to excel in everything that they do.  We do this in line with the UN Conventions for the Rights of a Child and the 3 core strands of our Learning Without Limits Curriculum: Overcoming Barriers, Celebrating Individual Difference and Embracing Challenge.

Gorsefield Primary School is a school at the heart of its community, with the community at its heart. 


Forward As One

Gorsefield Primary School is a proud member of Forward as One CE Multi Academy Trust. As a Church of England Multi Academy Trust,  FA1 are a non-profit making educational charity with the charitable purpose is the advancement of education for public benefit. FA1 therefore work closely with local authorities, maintained schools and other Academy Trusts to advance education for all.

The work of FA1 is rooted in the Christian values of service, justice, faith, grace and love. It is the experience that these values add value in any school – including schools without a Christian heritage – and so FA1 welcomes all schools, whatever their designation, to join the trust in their mission to improve educational outcomes for all.

As a Trust with a Church of England foundation, the following values are at the heart of all schools' work:

Family – working together for collective success

Openness – sharing with and being accountable to others

Resilience – overcoming challenges through commitment and perseverance

Wisdom – developing a life-long love for learning and understanding the world around us

Aspiration – pursuing excellence in all that we do

Research – grounding everything we do in evidence and best practice

Diversity – fostering  inclusive and vibrant learning communities

It is the aim of FA1 for all children to become:  

  • Enthusiastic and life-long learners Resilient
  • Critically reflective Hard workers
  • Confident citizens Strong communicators
  • Respectful

FA1 strongly believe that every child should leave  school with a deep enthusiasm for life and for learning.